26 January 2022

U.S. Government Cares About Ukraine's Borders

Biden’s deputy National Security Adviser says Americans should care about Ukraine because ‘Borders Should be Inviolate” — As record 518,360 illegals invade US border in first fiscal quarter. So I guess our government believes it's perfectly alright to open the U.S. borders to who knows what is coming into the country with whatever diseases. This country, its States, its Cities, and its Counties is run by a bunch of "Nit=Wits"....... Full Story

Biden's Debt is $2,000,000,000,000 in One Year

$2 Trillion Dollars Biden has put Americans in additional Debt in ONE YEAR. Biden's first 12 months in office, the federal debt grew by more than $2 trillion. But that is the democratic strategy, Tax and Spend....... Full Story

Facial Recognition A Scarry Thing

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will begin requiring taxpayers to use facial recognition. Lets put RFID Chips in people, by the way the prefix will be 666 for the world bank. Full Story

Biden Shares Office With China

Hunter Biden planned to share his family’s office space in Washington, DC, with a Chinese intelligence-linked firm. Full Story

The Question Is Finally Answered

China is in charge of America and has been for many years........ The Biden family received $31 million from five deals with Chinese businessmen closely tied to Chinese intelligence. Full Story

24 January 2022

It's Now Time For Yet Another Distraction

As Americans and the world is sick and tired of the virus and fake crap that goes another with it, it may be time to change gears and create a war to draw attention away from the virus. Almost three years running the world is sick and tired of hearing about this and that. So lets start a war to cause a distraction. So the food, fuel and everyday needs don't cost enough lets add insult to injury and have a war or even better yet another World War. President Biden is considering deploying several thousand U.S. troops, as well as warships and aircraft, to NATO allies in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. All I can say is, Come On Asteroid and put an end this this hate filled planet.... Full Story

Going Down The Wrong Road

Rising inflation, coronavirus chaos, supply chain woes, and foreign policy blunders have impacted Americans throughout 2021 and into 2022, 72 percent believe the country is on the wrong track. Full Story

More Deaths Blamed on Biden

“Since he was inaugurated on Jan. 20 last year, 438,110 people have died from the virus, a number that is still increasing by more than 10,000 people every week,” the Times revealed. Full Story

Another Control From Big Tech

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn censored a Breitbart News story containing a book excerpt from Red-Handed, Peter Schweizer’s new bombshell investigation into American elites’ ties to communist china, one that focused specifically on Big Tech’s ties to the communist regime. Full Story

Not One Bit Surprised

The Biden family scored $31 million from five deals in China, all with individuals with direct ties to the Chinese spy apparatus. Full Story

21 January 2022

Economy is the Worst Ever Seen in US History

Inflation being the highest it’s been in 40 years on paper with real numbers being worse than that. Full Story

Starlink Issues

Not only are the satellites beaming down radio frequencies that could cause additional human problems, but they are also causing an issue with near-Earth asteroids. So if an asteroid hits the earth because the astronomers can't find them, then we have no reason to address "Climate Change", right?. Full Story

No Inside Trading? Never Happen

Time to setup a dummy company, is it not? Bills introduced in the House and Senate would ban trading for lawmakers; others extend the ban to spouses and other family members. Full Story

BioMetrics and The Mark of The Beast?

Customers will be able check out using Amazon’s palm-recognition technology. Full Story

A Giant Step To Cashless System?

Beware, the end of what you once knew and thought it was terrible, A cashless system will alter everything you do and not for the best. The Federal Reserve is taking the next step in weighing whether to launch a U.S. digital currency. Full Story

19 January 2022

You Are A Bad Person If You Use Any Fuel

Because you use fuel you will pay a carbon tax. Now tell me where will that money go. Taxing someone on the use of fuel in the name of carbon will do NOTHING to clean the air. Again they want more of your hard earned money so they can live above all others. Again unless your on welfare, than you have a free ride. Full Story

The Tail is Wagging The Dog In Washington

Kamala Harris was given the directive to address the border issues months ago. Her response is to travel to Honduras. She will also attend a Leftist Inauguration. The joke is on you America, your paying for her vacation. Full Story

$100 Dollar Oil Soon To Town Near You

Surging demand, fading omicron fears, and OPEC+’s inability to ramp up output have underpinned an eye-watering rally in oil prices. Full Story

Biden Grade For 1st Quarter F

Again, who would be surprised at that rating. And again, when you cheat it's not always the best thing for the country. Yet, the worse is yet to come, there is still three more years of this slaughter of America, Biden and his pals are doing a kick-butt job at it so far. 37 percent give the president an “F” for the first quarter of his presidency. Full Story

Vaccine Not Working

Surprise, surprise, surprise, The vaccine doesn't work. Now how much of OUR taxes went to pay for that failure? What does it mater the government will ALWAYS find a way to extort money from the populace, well unless your on the take, AKA. WELFARE. Booster shots with messenger RNA vaccines such as those made by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE failed to block omicron in a study of some of the first documented breakthrough cases caused by the highly contagious variant. Full Story

18 January 2022

Get Ready To Pay A Lot More

Oil at 7 year high with no end in site..... Full Story

Also Being Concerned in America

Money-making' plot to force motorists to 'pay per mile' to drive in London. This same type of plan is on the table in America and is in a test pilot program in some areas. Full Story Full Story

Americans Giving Cash Cards To Illegals

Isn't that nice.....It's nice to know that while American's go hungry and without shelter that OUR U.S funded U.N is giving away our "Abused" tax dollars. The U.S.-funded United Nations is providing cash to help job-seeking migrants trek up through South America, Central America, and Mexico. Full Story

Dems Buy Votes

With your money Democrats will buy votes to stay in power. What happened to this country that it is so blatant that these people can get away with anything and everything without being held accountable? Embattled Democrat House members are skeptical of the tactic but still need the federal government to spend money in their districts. Full Story

17 January 2022

Sixth mass extinction event in progress

Ya ya it's peoples fault. It was peoples fault the dinosaurs died and it was the peoples fault for the other devastating disasters that happened to this planet. Hey, we are not alone here. There are other items in the galaxy that affect earth, not just the people living on it. But Government and others brainwashing elites will blame you. The current extinction event is not even a new phenomenon, but has been going on since at least the 16th century. By the way, the elites are exempt as they had nothing to do with the coming extinction, it's all your fault. Full Story

A Bad Choice For America

Cheating doesn't always bring good results. After Biden’s first year, the virus and disunity rage on. Full Story

On The Front Lines - The Great Reset

The summit will focus on Davos Agenda items such as “efforts to accelerate the race to net-zero emissions, ensure the economic opportunity of nature-positive solutions, create cyber resilience, strengthen global value chains, build economies in fragile markets through humanitarian investing, bridge the vaccine manufacturing gap and use data solutions to prepare for the next pandemic.” As a part of his Great Reset agenda, Schwab has promoted the idea of ‘Stakeholder capitalism‘, which calls “shared prosperity and equitable growth, based on sustainable production and consumption. Fancy words to steal more of your money. Full Story

COVID, A Scam To Grab More Of Your Money?

The world’s 10 richest men have more than doubled their fortunes to $1.9 trillion, at a rate of $1.6 billion a day, over the past 12 months, proving elites have largely been spared the misery and financial ruin inflicted on so many by endless enforced lockdowns. Full Story

12 January 2022

Biden's Oil $100 Dollars

Oil prices that rallied 50% in 2021 will power further ahead this year, analysts predict, saying a lack of production capacity and limited investment in the sector could lift crude above $100 a barrel. Full Story

Brown Shoes Are Established

The Justice Department is establishing a specialized unit focused on domestic terrorism, the department’s top national security official told lawmakers Tuesday as he described an “elevated” threat from violent extremists in the United States. Is ir a false front to control and spy on everyone? The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions. Full Story

The Dynasty Continues

No More Bush's, No More Obama's, and No More Clinton's. Those clowns have done enough damage to this country along with the rest of them since the 1940's. Mrs. Clinton would seize the opportunity to run for president again if an opening presents itself. But what are the odds that an opportunity will arise? Full Story

Consumer Prices Surge 7%

The Labor Department said the Consumer Price Index rose by seven percent from a year ago. That was the fastest 12-month pace since 1982 and the seventh straight month of inflation above 5 percent. In November, CPI was up 6.9 percent. Full Story

Green New Deal

President Joe Biden’s administration enjoys high gas prices because the Democrats are using that crisis to try to force Americans to accept their radical Green New Deal agenda. Full Story

10 January 2022

More Flak to Control The System

Dems are trying their best to pack the elections system. Of course this story makes it all sound like no one can vote. Be careful of what you believe. Propaganda is running amuck and has been since January of 2020. Full Story

No Self Respect

People who take other peoples money have no respect for themselves or for the people they take it from. Petition for $2,000 monthly stimulus checks has 3 million signatures. Full Story

Time To Split The Country

University of Virginia Center for Politics released a poll finding that a majority of people who had voted to reelect former President Donald Trump in 2020 now wanted their state to secede from the Union. I say Lets do it...... Full Story

6 January 2022

Biden Seems To Divide The Country Even More

“Dagger at the Throat of Democracy” – Biden Paints Trump Supporters as Domestic Enemies in Divisive Jan. 6 Speech. Well what can one expect from a hippie anyway. Full Story

More Control and Power

You’re going to pay more on your hospital bill if you weren’t vaccinated. Rest ashore this is the first step these power hunger people will take. More to come in a tyranny controlled country near you. Full Story

Your Spending Being Reported To Big Brother

The Biden administration is peering into Americans' everyday purchases. Full Story

Demand For Total Power

For the democrats it's never enough, they always want more. More power and more of your money. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Use January 6 to Demand Federal Takeover of Elections. Full Story

5 January 2022

If the Democrats Pass HR1 – The Democracy is Over

An accurate assessment of Biden’s blind ambition is noted by the New York Post: “What we’re seeing, folks, is an embarrassing lack of leadership in the Democrat-run White House. An incompetency that’s not only botching Americans’ travel plans, hurting families and jeopardizing public health — it’s also harming the US economy.” Full Story

Controls Continue and Expand in 2022

T-Mobile Cites FCC’s Decision in 2018 to Block “Unwanted” or “Spam Text Messages” as Excuse to Censor The Gateway Pundit Links on Text. That's a lame excuse.... Full Story

He Lies All The Time

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, making claims about the efficacy of cotton or surgical masks that he did not believe were true. Full Story

Yah, Like That Is Likely To Happen

Not holding my breath on this one. If it were to pass the one to take over is worse. House GOP Conference Chairwoman Says Biden Impeachment ‘On The Table’. Full Story

The Hidden Agenda

Schools Got $130B To Re-Open. Some Of It Went To CRT. Now Many Are Closed. It turns out, could be in part due to a bait-and-switch, with money passed into law under the guise of public health being used for racial ideology instead. Full Story

FBI Is Biden’s ‘Personal Gestapo’

Now tell me who is suprised by that statement.. Not me that's for sure. Many U.S. voters think the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is Democrat President Joe Biden’s “personal Gestapo,”. Full Story

3 January 2022

Hunker down, The End is Near

Or so they want you to believe. The elites want to control all of what you do, say, and buy. Be careful they will try and sell you hope that isn't there, security that isn't there and anything else they can to control everything in your life. Full Story

Cloth Masks Don’t Provide Protection Against Covid-19

Dr. Scott Gottlieb – former FDA Commissioner-turned-member-of-board-of-directors of Pfizer on Sunday said what we’ve known all along: Cloth masks do not protect against Covid. Well, how about that.... Full Story

Democrats Launching ‘Hostile Takeover'

FDIC Chairman Jelena McWilliams announced her resignation on Friday after warning that Democrats had launched a “hostile takeover” of the agency. Full Story

Drummed Out Unvaxxed Service members

After drumming out unvaxxed servicemembers, Fully vaccinated and boosted defense secretary Lloyd Austin tests positive for COVID. Sometimes the lies don't work, do they. Full Story


A third of Americans say violence against the government is sometimes “justified,” a shocking new poll revealed on Saturday. Full Story

The United Nations Continues with Misinformation

As the world enters a new year so does the continuation of propaganda from so called world organizations. The United Nations is a rouge terrorist organization and should be kicked out of the United States. But as we all know the "Elites" will never let that happen. United Nations: Climate Change Is ‘Human Caused’ and a ‘Human Crisis’. Full Story

2 January 2022

Proof of Citizenship’ is ‘Voter Suppression

A left-wing activist with ties to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) nominated by President Joe Biden to be a federal judge has argued photo ID and proof of citizenship constitute “voter suppression.” Full Story

American Communists

They Have Ruined Everything. Truck Driver Rails Against Biden Regime and Communist Democrats Over Product Shortages. Full Story

Free Elections Are Gone

It’s Official: California is Now a Universal Vote-by-Mail State – Makes It Easier for Democrats to Steal Elections. Full Story

America's Trojan Horse

Thank you Biden, you are the great piece of work.... Biden is welcoming into the US a Trojan Horse. Whether from Afghanistan or across the Southern border, America is being invaded by military-age men from foreign countries. Full Story

Government Christmas Gift To America

High Energy Costs The Christmas Gift Of ‘Green’ Politicians. Full Story

New Year More Controls and Less Freedom

So you think 2022 will be better. Or so you think things can't or won't get any worse - Well think again. There will be more rules, more controls, and more loss of your freedoms. As the new year starts it will end much worse than it began. Just keep this in mind at the end of the year, that's all I ask you to do. This is just one of many things which will happen this year. Just Like Soviet Russia: T-Mobile Is Erasing Links to Gateway Pundit Articles if You Send Them by Text Message. Full Story